Thursday, January 14, 2021

Submerged Arcwelding Flux Recovery Unit Manufacturers:

 Submerged Arcwelding Flux Recovery Unit Manufacturers:

Cleantek manufacturing submerged arc welding machine flux recovery system with continuous duty vacuum system. This unit integrated with maintenance free direct drive suction unit for 24 X 7 operation. Double stage filtration with flux heater increase the performance of the Submerged arc welding operations. High value flux is returned into to hopper to further process.

Thursday, January 7, 2021

CNC oil sump cleaner Manufacturers:

CNC oil sump cleaner Manufacturers:

Cleantek manufacturing oil sump cleaner, metal chips cleaning machines, Coolant cleaners etc... in various suction capacity and volume capacity.

Various kind of accessory are used to clean the CNC machines, Oil sumps, industrial floor and machinery surface etc....

The oil sump cleaner suck and collect the metal dust, coolant, oil, sludge, dirt and chips . 


Direct Drive side channel blower Motor for Maintenance Free and continuous running operation

120 - 950 Liters collection Tank

Easy to move & Portable version

Easy to Operate

High suction power

Low Noise Level

Heavy Duty Construction

Less maintenance

Reliable supplier and after sales service support at your City. 

Industrial Vacuum Cleaner