Industrial Floor cleaning :

Cleantek Manufacturing industrial floor cleaning equipment for big floor cleaning applications. Our continuous duty vacuum cleaner most suits for big floor cleaning area usage.   Three phase powered direct drive vacuum motor support high vacuum to extract the fine dust. Multistage filtration increase filtration capacity and avoid filter chocking.  

Submerged Arcwelding Flux Recovery Unit Manufacturers:

 Submerged Arcwelding Flux Recovery Unit Manufacturers: Cleantek manufacturing submerged arc welding machine flux recovery system with continuous duty vacuum system. This unit integrated with maintenance free direct drive suction unit for 24 X 7 operation. Double stage filtration with flux heater increase the performance of the Submerged arc welding operations. High value flux is returned into to hopper to further process.

CNC oil sump cleaner Manufacturers:

CNC oil sump cleaner Manufacturers: Cleantek manufacturing oil sump cleaner , metal chips cleaning machines, Coolant cleaners etc... in various suction capacity and volume capacity. Various kind of accessory are used to clean the CNC machines, Oil sumps, industrial floor and machinery surface etc.... The oil sump cleaner suck and collect the metal dust, coolant, oil, sludge, dirt and chips .  Features: Direct Drive side channel blowe r Motor for Maintenance Free and continuous running operation 120 - 950 Liters collection Tank Easy to move & Portable version Easy to Operate High suction power Low Noise Level Reliable supplier and after sales service support at your City. 

CLEANTEK®: Wet scrubber manufacturer:

CLEANTEK®: Wet scrubber manufacturer: :  Cleantek is an Technology leader in India Manufacturing all kind of Air pollution control equipment , cleaning equipment as well as Water T...

Wet scrubber manufacturer:

 Cleantek is an Technology leader in India Manufacturing all kind of Air pollution control equipment , cleaning equipment as well as Water Treatment air blowers . Cleantek design and manufacturing wet scrubber for dangerous acidic and highly hazardous fumes and dust extraction from industrial exhaust gases. Wet scrubbers are a air pollution control equipment used to remove or neutralize a variety of air pollutants from exhaust gas from melting furnaces, diesel generators, various laser cutting process, plastic film making industries, Rubber processing industries etc... Cleantek design supply compact size wet scrubber system and wet dust collection system.  Cleantek manufacturing products for work place safety and effective manufacturing practices. World Health Organization

Submerged Arc welding Flux Recovery Unit:

 Cleantek manufacturing submerged arc welding flux recovery unit for welding automation applications. Welding flux consist of lime, silica, manganese oxide, calcium fluoride, and other compounds. Recycling process ( Recover and reuse)  of this welding flux is most important in welding automation. Flux is mixing of granular kind of insulative material and it is filled over the weld which is protects against heavy sparks and spatter. This welding flux is increase the quality of weld.  Also this flux act as a barrier that holds the high heat in and concentrates the heat into the weld area to keep deep penetration. Also a layer of granular flux provides a protective cover which the welding occurs. This welding flux recovery unit consists of maintenance free high vacuum pump ,filtration system, Hopper unit, Withstanding High temperature rubber hose and Heater unit. Cleantek design and supply single header and multi header flux recovery unit.

Air Knife Blower manufacturers:

  Air knife Blower manufacturers: Air knife Blower for Air Knife Drying System is very useful for drying liquor bottles, water cans after filling. In Liquor production line after filling the liquor bottles or cans are move to coding and labelling process. The wet moisture and water particles affect the printing quality and rejection of filled bottles and canes. Before reaching the labeling process bottles to be completely dried by our cleantek high effective air knife blower system. Excessive residual liquid and water in the bottle and cans body will affect the final packaging process and Printing process. So this wet particles will be removed efficiently. We are manufacturing compressed air knife, Industrial air knife , Air knife dryer, Antistatic air knife, Air knife systems, Air knife drying system etc... Air knife Application: Copper Wire Cleaning Conveyor Cleaning Vegetables Cleaning Engine Parts Drying Rubber sheet Drying