Thursday, May 28, 2020

Bag Filter Manufacturers

Bag Filter Manufacturers:
We are the high quality filter bag manufacturers for all kind of dust collection applications.Bag house filter available in various size and filtration capacity. We produce all kind of dust collector bags and doing custom made models as per clients requirements.

Cleantek Filter bag used in dust collector chamber to filter the dust and debris from the air stream. Filtration area is most important factor in dust collector. We make pleated filter bag, cartridge filter, HEPA filter, Activated carbon Filter,Paint spray booth filter,Pocket filter etc...

Different kind of filter media used for making the filter bag. Polyester,Non woven polypropylene,virgin polyester,nylon,cotton etc.. medias used for making the filter bag for high filtration efficiency. Some models are make with surface coating with water repellent properties.Filter bags made with suitable for filter shaker system, automatic pulse-jet filter cleaning system.

Food industries like milk powder,nutrients powder, tea powder manufacturing companies used dust collector with non-static and non stick dust bag. We make such models filter bag and replacement for OEM companies dust collector. Dust release performance is most important factor in filter bag. Cleantek manufacture air filter in various designs as per client required.

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Monday, May 25, 2020

Aerosol Air Purifier Manufacturers

Aerosol Air Purifier Manufacturers:
we are the Aerosol Air Purifier Manufacturers in Coimbatore, India. It is used in dental clinics, labs to extract the dental aerosol, chemical fume, airborne contaminants etc..
Machine Features:

  • Portable model
  • Self adjusted suction arm
  • Four stage filtration with HEPA filter
  • Low noise level
  • Light weight
  • Operated in 230 V / 50 Hz

Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Ring Blower Manufacturers

Ring Blower Manufacturers:
We are the leading  ring blower manufacturers in India for air agitation and water oxygen supply in sea food manufacturers. 

Water aeration remove the dissolved gas like carbon dioxide and oxidizes dissolved metal like Iron,Hydrogen sulfide etc..from water. Small bubbles of air create the turbulence action in water so that easily mixed gases are come out from the water. Excessive amount of carbon di oxide make water corrosive and increase the water pureness.Aeration required in sewage treatment plant, Fish pond, Biofloc, Sea food plant, aquarium,Electro plating plant etc...

Ring blower is good mechanical equipment supply atmosphere air into water. It is available in various size from supplying airflow from 25 cmh to 1500 cmh capacity and pressure range from 500 mm of wg to 6500 mm of wg. These blowers impellers is in compact size and directly atatched with electric motor. It increase the efficiency of blower compared with belt drive models.Ring blower price is cheaper than other kind of aeration blowers.Small industries can utilize the small models for their aeration purpose. Simple in construction and operation is so easy. Due to simple in operation lot of industries are using our ring blowers for aeration applications. We are the large producers of ring blower in India and handling all kind of sales and service support all over the India and abroad.

Sunday, May 10, 2020

Good House keeping

Good House Keeping:
After Corona Lock down Industries are opening. Please follow the best practice for housekeeping in Industries.

Housekeeping is not just cleanliness. It includes keeping work areas neat and orderly, maintaining machinery and floors free of dust and oil hazards. Remove the waste materials and unwanted materials.Keep workplace in good layout, Good storage facility and maintenance. Good housekeeping is also prevent accidents and fire. Effective housekeeping it is not a one-time cleanup do periodically. It support for productivity increase. Cleaned work areas allow for more effective use of work space.

  • Clean and Keep away waste, dust, debris, and other flammable materials.
  • Organize and careful storage of materials, tools, and equipment.
  • Do timely maintenance of machinery, equipment, or systems.
  • Do preventive maintenance and before something happening
  • Improve your working conditions and worker health through regular machine servicing, work floor cleaning, and good rest room facilities.
  • Vacuum cleaning is best methods for industrial floor and machinery cleaning.
  • Do smoke and fume Exhaust systems from work floor
  • Keep good ventilation
  • Use aerosol particle purifier in dental clinics and medical labs

Industrial Vacuum Cleaner