Sunday, March 29, 2020

Centrifugal Blowers Models

Centrifugal Blowers:
Cleantek designs and manufacturing various kind air blowers for suction and pressure applications in industrial applications. It use for welding fume extraction exhaust and hazardous fume and vapour ventilation applications. Blowers are running in high rpm in 2880 and 1440 rpm. Use suitable models as per your applications.

Our Blower Types:
  • Pressure Blowers ( High Pressure and Less Volume of Air)
  • Volume Blowers ( High Volume Airflow and Less Pressure)
  • Multistage Blowers ( Higher pressure Type)

Applications of Air Blowers:
  • Paint Fume Extraction
  • Welding Fume Exhaust
  • Ventilation for Various Industries
  • Cooling of Hot Products
  • Dust Blow off
  • Bottle conveying
  • Powder Conveying
  • Parts Drying
  • Standalone man Coolers
  • Wet Scrubber
  • Cyclone Separators

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